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Visualization software for spaces and processes

MINDflow: visualizing complex information in an appealing and understandable way. The application supports the communication of data, relationships, and processes visually and interactively. Turn data from the real world into a real time 3D simulation and change individual parameters to see the effects immediately.

Building rooms

Draw your spatial environment in a few steps or plan freely.
Explore variants and options, configururable in real time.

  • Load your floor plan
  • Draw and andjust walls, doors and windows
  • Add quality 3D objects to your rooms
  • Customize objects individually – adjust parameters such as color and specs on the fly
  • Include your own images

Place stations

Establish a spatial reference for your processes.
Give your data a visual representation in time and space.

  • Define steps, procedures and processes
  • Place stations
  • Assign steps

Playback of real data

Show and analyze the status quo by importing process data.
Display the process flow and bring your representation to life.

  • Simultaneous flow of different processes
  • Animated 3D characters for personal processes
  • Live representation of process partameters and data


Simulate your processes live in a virtual environment.
Get a tangible, three-dimensional picture and detect bottlenecks or weak points.

  • Simulation of multiple process flows in space and time
  • Define or read process parameters
  • Simulate and change parameters on runtime

Our strengths

Based on the most advanced realtime 3D technology.

Individual data interfaces
Adjustable to individual needs and und defined data formats.

No-Code / Accessibility
Low entry level and no long training periods compared to existing, complex tools.

Intuitive Controls
Tried and tested input and controls known from the video game industry, several view and move modes included.

User experience / engagement
An inspiring experience that clearly stands out from the barren, cluttered and old-fashioned user interface of competing products.

Platform independent / multi device
Can be used on a multitude of devices: on a desktop environment, tablets as well as with VR goggles.

A universal imagery
Conveyance of information without cluttered text interfaces provides clarity and is independent from language.

See for yourself!

If you wish to learn more about MINDflow, contact us or visit our homepage.